Canadian Dentists using the NTI-tss in their practice

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There are currently over 700 dentists using the NTI-tss in Canada.  Dentists are being asked by NTI-TSS, Inc. when they submit their (re)order (for the NTI-tss materials) if they would like their name to appear on this list as NTI-tss providers, at no charge to the dentist (almost as many are uncomfortable at having their names listed anywhere on the internet, and decline to be listed here). This list is added to regularly.  NTI-TSS, Inc. cannot endorse any particular dentist.  This list is for patient's convenience only.  Also consider: NTI-TSS, Inc. Helps Your Dentist to Help You,  or email Joan and provide your postal code, he may be able to help find someone whose name isn't posted here. (there are only 700+ here)
Some patients have reported to NTI-TSS, Inc. that some of the providers on this list are not using the NTI-tss.  (Obviously, there had been some misunderstanding when their name was listed.)  Please contact us in the event you are told by a listed practitioner that he/she does not provide the NTI-tss so that their name can be removed.
An independant site (not affiliated with NTI-TSS Inc.) lists dentists who actively promote their use of the NTI-tss device in the prevention of medically diagnosed migraine pain. See also the Migraine-Headache-NTI-tss Directory