Testimonials from patients and other dentists.


Comments and Testimonials

" Our data thus far in CRA and in study clubs with which I work have shown this very simple, easy-to-place, inexpensive device creates a significant reduction in pain." Gordon Christensen, DDS, quoted in Dentistry Today

" In over 23 years of treating patients with orofacial and headache pain, I've never experienced a method like the NTI-tss that is so effective...when all other therapy modes fail."  Wesley Shankland, DDS,  PhD, Columbus, OH

" NTI-tss is more successful than any appliance that we have ever tried."  Jack Cherin, DMD, Virgina Beach, VA

" NTI-tss has made a major impact on my practice as far as helping patients..." Stephen E. Smith, DMD, Phil,.PA

" I have fabricated almost 100 NTI-tss devices (and) all patients tell me that their headaches have subsided or stopped."  Mark Haselkorn, DDS,  West Springfield, MA

" The NTI-tss has proven to give consistent and repeatable relief to a multitude of patients...patients who have used the NTI-tss are amazed with its simplicity and results."  Michael Graham, DDS, Bluffton, IN

" It is an understatement that I am pleased with the results... I find the NTI-tss extremely easy to fit...Patient response is very positive due to the comfort..."  Thomas Rohs, DDS, New Prague, MN

" I had worn a splint myself for many years...but since using the NTI-tss I feel I am able to obtain a more consistent relief rate..."  Houston Sterne, DDS, Victoria, TX

" I have had excellent results with the NTI-tss device.  The second patient I fitted was my wife.  After the first night she loved it.  She stated she felt the best in the morning that she had in years." Ray Hazen, DDS,  Rochester, IN

" The majority of patients who presented with severe symptoms reported relief ranging from very good to full upon wearing the NTI-TSS appliance." Michael Steinberg, DDS, Millburn, NJ

" I have practiced for 18 years and I am a clencher. I have worn flat plane splints for 12 years, but I have never felt the release of tension...that I felt the next day following using the NTI-tss.  This is the device that I have been looking for."  Gerald Riley, DMD,  Quebec, Canada

" Two of our doctors themselves have moderate to severe migraine headaches...and after self-fabrication of the appliance,  they are extremely pleased that their headaches have disappeared."  Peter Grumbos, DDS

" I have used it on some of the toughest TMJ cases I have...one woman had not found relief with five different appliances...the NTI-tss relieved her symptoms in a couple of days!  Louis Malcmacher, DDS, Cleveland, OH

" Many patients using other appliances prior to the NTI-tss could only achieve limited improvement...after using the NTI-tss, we have seen improvement and alleviation of symptoms."  Joe Schames, DMD, Hawthorne, CA

" I have been treating MPD/TMJ patients for over 20 years and I have used a myriad of splint types... the NTI has been the simplest to fabricate and has had the highest patient compliance."  Larry Lopez, San Antonio, TX

" I have stopped making traditional bruxing splints and now only make NTI-tss' for my patients...My own wife now wears one and no longer awakes in the morning with headaches!  William Contente, DDS, Fresno, CA